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Dynamic IT Solutions & Support
Web Technology Group is a technology consultancy and solutions provider to the UK.
Public Sector, specializing in the design, build and management of secure, high value and complex web applications, based in Dubai UAE & Leeds, UK.

Security firewall solutions, including network security, configuration, installation, audits and troubleshooting

We specialize in all manner of IT Network Consulting services to ensure that you never need to worry again about the performance and reliability of your firm’s IT network, which is a factor that has such a direct influence on your productivity.

Data Management

Numbers of companies don’t secure their data. We offer a robust backup solution Full Disaster Recovery

Protect your business against critical loss. We offer a safe and secure way to protect your critical business data from loss due to hackers, natural disasters, system errors, and more with our specially-designed data backup and recovery options.


We offer free monitoring tools for all websites we create and Tools for monitoring technologies and business processes.

We Execute astonishing sites/frameworks to advance Productivity from your workforce, we generate high quality Leads on-line market websites from your showcasing and drive Amazing client experiences.

Relocation / Migration to cloud services

We can migrate your server room > in private / hybrid or public clouds.

For companies considering their first cloud migration, there are a lot of factors that you’ll want to take into account, from the benefits and the risks, to the cloud service model and type that is right for your business. In this post, we’ll look at the high-level elements that you should consider as you contemplate a move to the cloud.


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Big Data Analysis

``Enormous information`` is a field that treats approaches to investigate, methodical separate data from, or generally manage informational indexes that are excessively huge or complex to be managed by customary information preparing application programming

Tech Support

16 years as I.T. backing and oversaw administrations supplier. More than 600 Business Clients around Yorkshire and England. Out of Hours Support.

In-depth security audit and advice

Improving your IT security to protect your business and complying with regulations.